What is the history of Montemaggio wines?

Montemaggio accompanies the definition of high-quality wine “Terroir.” We have the chance to verify wine quality in every bottle to ensure that an exceptional product is obtained. The vines were planted at a very high density per hectare (in some vineyards, 6250 plants per hectare). According to vintage, a smaller number of grapes are produced per hectare (35-60 liters per hectare), using tailoring and selection techniques.

Cordon speronato(spurred cord), albarello (headed bush wine), and guyot are the most popular systems for training wines.You can slip into the luxury of this estate wit fine wine and the best company.

These properties guarantee the development of outstanding and genuine Tuscan wines, aside from the exposure (south-southwest), the ski slopes and the micro-climate, the land, as well as the complex and exact work performed.

Each bunch is picked in the viticulture during the harvest and again in the viticulture later on. The harvest is performed manually only when the grapes are fully grown. Therefore, the wines of Fattoria di Montemaggio are 100% handmade and retain all the nature of the elements of the land where they are produced.

For 2009, Montemaggio is an organically certified estate, which means that we produce pure organic wine. They practice organic farming, and thus cultivating is worked through without any external or chemical factor that could affect the environment with both the highest care and respect for nature.

Chianti Wine Tours & Degustations at Fattoria di Montemaggio can make a lifelong impression! The goal is to create the best Tuscan biological wines along with a range of organic estate products. Montemaggio is proud to give the guests the best Tuscan wine tours, organic wine degustations, and tasting events. For those who visit the Montemaggio estate, you can get unforgettable experiences.