Golden teacher, the natural hallucinogen that you can grow at home

Hallucinogenic substances have been with us for centuries. Ancient cultures used these substances extracted from plants and fungi to perform their religious rites. The ancient shamans and priests of the indigenous communities still preserve these customs. They have even spread to other circles in today’s society. The best known is undoubtedly LSD, which appeared in the 1960s and is still one of the most powerful hallucinogens.

Many mushrooms produce effects similar to LSD, so their recreational use has become widespread. The golden teacher is the best known of these mushrooms, and it is so because it is the one that reproduces the best and has intense but very bearable effects for those who are just starting.
This is why it is known as a teacher, as it is the first mushroom that you should try before entering the deepest of the deepest states of consciousness.
The psilocybe cubensis or golden master
This mushroom is the one with the best reception among growers.The kits have been designed so that you can reproduce them at home without major difficulties. This mushroom has an active principle known as psilocin, which is very similar to the endocrine system’s serotonin, directly affecting moods. Serotonin regulates mood, so it can also affect our perception.
This substance’s most common effects are a deep state of relaxation and good spirits. Depending on the dose, it can cause hallucinations, visual and auditory, and even extracorporeal experiences. Many indigenous communities in America still use this fungus to contact the gods. Many other cultures, such as the Aymara, conserve among their religious practices to celebrate Pacha mama, the consumption of ayahuasca that some of these mushrooms may contain.
Get the growkit
To have a mushroom planting at home, you only need to purchase the growkit prepared so that, without much work, you can have your mushroom reserve of the master gold variety. This variety is very productive, so you can have the first harvest-ready and usable to reproduce it without problems in less than a week.