Dhea is an extremely effective natural remedy for menopause symptoms. It is gentle enough to be used daily. Dhea Cream is the female hormone that most women produce within their bodies. If you don’t have it in your body, well you don’t have a female body. Women produce DHEA in their ovaries and adrenal glands.

DHEA (dialysis therapy) is what the body makes, a bio-identical hormone, usually applied directly where the female body uses it. It only makes sense. Why would you want to disrupt hormones levels decline during menopause?
For most post-menopausal women, DHEA production will decline at a certain point. This estrogen reduction is the cause of hot flashes, insomnia, and dryness of the vagina. DHA (dihydrotestosterone) is a male hormone that is created from testosterone and is also a powerful blocker of estrogen and androgens. It is the “blocker” that will prevent the harmful side effects of estrogen on the female body.
Dhea Cream contains a bio-identical, plant-based formula. It contains DHEA in its purest form, along with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and botanicals to nourish and energize, as well as to soothe inflammation, reduce swelling and itching and to stimulate smooth healing. Dhea is formulated to work specifically on the perimenopausal and adult women who are experiencing post-menopausal symptoms. Dhea-s is an excellent treatment regimen to relieve the symptoms associated with perimenopause. Many women have reported an overall decrease in their symptoms after using Dhea, and many women have also said that they have noticed a decrease in their DHEA levels.
Dhea is different from other herbal creams and lotions because it does not contain a preservative or a fragrance. It is made from an extract obtained from a tree that grows in Brazil. This natural formula allows Dhea to enter the cell layer of the dermis where it works at repairing cellular damage. Since Dhea is bio-identical, it is absorbed by the human body and does not become inactive. In fact, it is even more effective than some of the alternative treatments on the market because it is working at repairing the cell layer inside the dermis and because it is bio-identical, there is no risk of side effects or allergic reactions.
Dhea Cream is the best choice for postmenopausal women who are experiencing discomfort and symptoms that are linked to androgens and cortisol. It is also extremely effective for people who are trying to relieve the symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue. For this reason, women should definitely try using Dhea. You can use it in conjunction with other products in order to get the most benefits from your skin care regimen.